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Arrrrggggghhhhh. I deleted my bluetooth connection on the cell phone and booted up HobDrive.  I then added the bluetooth ELM327 device using the HobDrive interface.  No help. I then closed HobDrive, went to my bluetooth interface through the phone and saw that the bluetooth connection that I made through HobDrive was there. 

It was not connected, so I connected it then watched the status.  I had five bars for a signal.  After approximately 90 seconds, the connection failed.  I tried this a number of times and on two vehicles.  No difference. 

I then loaded some OBDii software on my laptop and connected with the bluetooth ELM327 device.  I had a stable connection for over 30 minutes.

Conclusion:  It's the bluetooth on the phone.

I searched the internet for some advice on the bluetooth connection but didn't find anything useful.

I have ordered a ELM327 device that connects directly with USB.  With any  luck, I'll be able to get that device to be a reliable connection and move forward with HobDrive.  I'll be offline until that device arrives.

I had already tried to start HobDrive when holding the phone in landscape mode.  It didn't work.

  I don't have time right now, but tonight will try to connect HobDrive directly to the bluetooth device and will report back.  I will first delete the device from the system.
My phone does have an orientation sensor.  When I say change orientation, I mean change from portrait to landscape, or back.

I just started HobDrive and held the phone in landscape mode for two minutes.  No change.

BTW, I really like your software.  I'm currently having trouble with stability with my bluetooth connection, but I doubt that HobDrive causes that.  If and when I can get the bluetooth link to work consistently, I will be buying a license for the full license.

Thanks for a great product.
Sounds good to me.  Thanks for the information.
I have other software that changes as I change the orientation ... no keyboard extension needed.
I have an HTC Touch Pro2 running Windows Mobile 6.5 and I just tried versions 0.7 and 0.8.  I can force landscape mode by opening the keyboard, but as soon as I close the keyboard, the display goes back to portrait -- even if I'm holding the phone in landscape orientation.